May we introduce ourselves?


We are Henk and Henriëtte van Ampting. Your future host and hostess of Château du Bois Noir. We moved to France from our homeland the Netherlands in 2006.

After a busy and intensive life in the Netherlands as an businesse couple (Henk was owner of a medium-sized architectural firm, where Henriëtte was responsible for the financial administration), we felt it was time to realize our ambitions: the realizing of a Château Hotel in France.

After an extensive search of 2½ years we finally saw the castle where we fell in love with: "Château du Bois Noir". A château located in a hilly and wooded area. On arrival we heard and feel the tranquillity of the countryside: the unique location, against a hill with breath-taking views, a park with centuries-old trees, the most beautiful starry sky and absolute silence. This must undoubtedly become our home; we can leave our hectic life behind us.

A castle entirely authentic and with a soul, perfectly located on the border of the Dordogne and the Limousin and only 20 km from the major city Brive-la-Gaillarde. After an intensive renovation and restoration of more than 2 years, Château du Bois Noir has been restored to its former glory.

After completion of the renovation, we could begin with our ultimate intention: let other people enjoy so something beautiful like this on Earth. Because of the health of Henk, we unfortunately had to adjust our dream and at the end of 2016 we stopped the activity of hotel and restaurant. Starting from 2018, it is now possible to rent the entire castle for medium-sized groups, which during the spring and summer period enjoying Château du Bois Noir.